Agates Pabian, Jackson et. al.

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Agates Pabian, Jackson et. al.

Postby zeamais » Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:15 am

Agates, Treasures of the Earth.
Natural History Museum, London 2006. ISBN: 0 565 09195 8

Hardback. A5 format, about 150mm x 200mm. 180pp. Hard Glossy paper to match the photographic illustrations.

About half of the page area in the book would be taken up by the photos. The text is easy to read, almost double spaced and clearly contrasting with the white of the paper.

This is a quality little book that would be a pleasure to have around. Not a scientific treatise at all, I wouldn't think. But not a children's quick, shallow overview, either. The text is informative in many ways, geologic, mineralogic, historical, even sociological. A wide range of interest, of perspective on the subject.

A very satisfactory quantum of information surrounding half a book's worth of excellent illustrations of the subject: agates.

It is a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to feel, a pleasure to read and it is just a bit of a shame that it is not totally perfect inasmuch as it does not happily lay open. It is stiff. The hard photographic type paper creates much of that. It is well bound and would probably bear much forcible opening, lying on your desk under a heavy ruler or another book or something. But it's not good doing something like that, is it, and doesn't make you feel comfortable.

So you have to open it, browse or read or look and then let it close itself. Ah well. Still good value.

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