Investing For Dummies

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Investing For Dummies

Postby dch » Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:45 am

James Kirby and Barbara Drury
Wiley Publishing Australia 2009

This is a paperback, one of the 'for Dummies' series, obviously, in the same format as all of them.

About 190 x 230 x 30 lays open pretty well as all the series do with gutters usually wide enough to see all or very nearly all of the page.

My copy had rather thick pages sort of yellowing with age (only it wasn't 'yellow' - more grey?) whereas sometimes they come in glossy paper of startling whiteness.

I think it is a good book. I didn't read it all - it is as much a reference work as a tutorial or guide - but I guess I more or less got the measure of it.

It comes in 6 parts: Fundamentals, Markets, Funds, Property, Super and the famous 'part of tens'.

I find it nice to know that the amazing conundrum and mysterious whirlpool of the financial world can be reduced to those components.

It certainly says some sensible, good things, that should be heeded. First para in Chapter 2 they point out that in fact no one knows what's going to happen next in financial markets.

And the corollary of that is that anyone who pretends to know is a charlatan and bad company. Mark that well.

So leaving the intricacies of derivatives to one side and the mumbo jumbo to the other and avoiding the suspect blathering of the blatherskites there's not all that much to it, one finds, upon reading through this book, jumping over the details but getting the sense of it.

And that's very heartening.

We go to financial advisers because it is all so disheartening and mysterious, don't we? But there's really no need. You can inform and advise yourself quite adequately and then seek whatever specialist knowledge and help you may want in order to pursue your goal.

And better to do that than blindly, ignorantly, follow the persuasions of someone whose interest is feathering their own nest under guise of feathering yours. Conflict of interest - which is surely tantamount to fraud - is commonplace and we all run into and somehow accept it as the norm, to be accepted. The real estate agent. Acts for vendor and purchaser, both, doesn't he? If he gets half a chance. What nonsense.

Well this sensible book can provide a wealth of protective information and advice which will enable us to sail our own craft in the direction we choose through seas we can comprehend and have foreknowledge of.

It really is a very practical, sensible, authoritative tract, a guide book in fact. This James Kirby and Barbara Drury are to be commended. It is a public service they've done in putting this up.

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