Trains Unlimited

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Trains Unlimited

Postby dch » Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:16 am

Trains Unlimited In the 21st Century
Tim Fischer
Harper Collins Australia 2011

Paperback 220 high 180 wide 25 thick.
Stiffer paper covers. Doesn't lay open well but has wide enough gutter and probably an adequate binding to handle it if you keep it open with a weight on it.

I haven't read all this book. Just dipped into it here and there. And everywhere found interest and good reading, easy reading.

I'm very impressed. This Tim Fischer was a politician - even reaching Deputy Prime Minister. I don't expect work of this clarity, humanity and clear pragmatic sense from politicians. I wish I'd known of him earlier.

In 300 pages the book ranges over the whole history of rail and ranges maybe over the whole world. Australia, of course, gets good attention but he's also in England, Rome, USA, France, Japan for instance, just a quick selection I got by flipping a few pages.

He speaks of the trains, famous and little known, and of the engines from early steam to modern iron ore train pulling giant diesels, of the rolling stock and the rail gauges, of famous lines and their fortunes, misfortunes, maybe even demise, of new lines such as the Darwin line, of the politics and economics behind such lines and so on.... He ranges far and wide.

He is comprehensive with a chatty wide-open style rather than a bookish, accountant's figures-crowded style.

If you're interested in rail and railways at all this book would have to be a must.

If you're not interested at all then you should read this book and find yourself informed and becoming interested.

It's a goodun.


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