Woman. An intimate geography.

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Woman. An intimate geography.

Postby david » Thu May 29, 2014 11:50 am

Natalie Angier. Scribe 2009

Brilliant book. Tour de Force. Scholarship. I'll copy the Los Angeles Time Book Review: "One knows early on one is reading a classic - a text so necessary and abundant and true that all efforts of its kind, for decades before and after it, will be measured by it...."

Yep. Right.

What's it do? It tells about what a woman - any woman - is. What woman the human animal is. Principally in chemical terms. As those chemicals make a person what that person is. How chemicals makes persons. Not how chemicals make meat, though that's part of it, but how the organism becomes and manifests as human psychological entity if I can put it that way, because of the chemicals in it.

How the hormones work, for instance. We've all heard of hormones. But this book goes a damn sight further than that. Gets into all kinds of chemicals. Fascinating.

Almost gives the impression, in the end, that we're only this mixture of chemicals - change the mixture and it changes us. That they are us.

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