Alone Together: Sherry Turkle

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Alone Together: Sherry Turkle

Postby dch » Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:52 am

A very interesting book about the effect of the digital age upon us. Specifically the effect of the digital communications devices/software we use: ipods, blackberries, email, twitter, facebook, sms and so on.

She points out that more and more people are immersed in this 'world' for longer and longer each day to where in some, many, instances they spend more time there than in the real world.

Many instances.

And she was writing in 2011. Really long ago.

Apparently in the USA even back then there were many, many people completely caught up in this world to the detriment of their being as human beings as we think we know it.

And she speaks of what she's observed with people interacting with 'robots' - those clumsy machines that incorporate some AI software. Very fascinating. People anthropomorphise these things very readily. Are keen to do so.

All of this in an anecdotal kind of way. Well, not just 'kind of way' but specifically. It is anecdotal. Which makes it fascinating to read but is not very scientific.

Right up to and including the end which by way of a 'conclusion' or set of conclusions has 'necessary conversations' which turns out to be more chatty anecdotal stuff and nothing specific (to my mind) at all.

A bit disappointing.

But that leaves the book as it is: a fascinating compendium of anecdotes regarding contemporary (or nearly) intermingling of humans with the computer.

Everyone should read it.

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