Vanity, Vitality and Virility

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Vanity, Vitality and Virility

Postby dch » Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:07 am

Vanity, Vitality and Virility by John Emsley is about Chemistry.

The best little book about Chemistry I've ever read.

Bit of an unfortunate title - obviously publisher chosen and intended to appeal to the LCD of the market.

Something better might have been along the lines of 'The Crucial Presence of Modern Chemistry In Our Society'.

For it's something like that it describes. John tells us about the ordinary and extraordinary, the modern and the ancient.

Tells us about such almost forgotten commonplace medicines as Savlon, still of great value since its inception in 1946. The description of how it works is easily comprehended even to the untutored such as myself and is quite fascinating.

It is not so full of facts as to be a wearying compendium but it is far beyond being a trifle. It is a good meal of a book - can be read almost like a novel, if you wish or dipped into at random or consulted as an encyclopedia style thing.

It is a great little book.

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