The Cygnus Mystery

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The Cygnus Mystery

Postby abrogard » Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:28 am

The Cygnus Mystery
Andrew Collins
Watkins Publishing London 2006

Hardback. 350pp Semi - Stiff white pages, almost gloss. Smallish font. Wide gutter. Almost opens flat.
Some black and white illustrations.

He sets out to demonstrate the importance of the constellation Cygnus throughout the ages to humanity, even going back to paleolithic times.
The main idea is that humanity perceived the origin of life as coming from that area of the sky - and the souls of the dead as returning to it.
He points to the orientation of the pyramids and many other such instances.
Very wide range. After the style of books such as Fraser's Golden Bough.
Finishes up surmising that the primitive notion might in fact be true. That cosmic ray bursts from that area may have prompted the activation of areas of our DNA that caused mutations that increased, for instance, our capacity for logical thought.
Also surmises that consciousness is an all pervading ubiquitous quality that allows for our DNA - and the DNA of other things too, if I have it right - to communicate with us.
So it covers a lot of distance.

Very interesting book. I could use to return to it and try to properly absorb more of it.

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