150 Of The Most Beautiful Songs Ever

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150 Of The Most Beautiful Songs Ever

Post by abrogard » Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:53 am

Manuscript book. For beginners.

Treble Cleff. Simplified music all in the key of C. Lyrics to every song.

Chord names printed large and clearly. Just the Root chord or the Minor - like 'C' or 'Cm'. Inside a square above the stave. Very easy to see. Ithas a few other chord suggestions - usually a 7th - printed here and there and sometimes actually above the chord in the square and they are without outlining, they're not in a square or anything.

The notes have those large open heads that allow of printing the name of the note inside.

So that makes the music very easy to see but, of course, the cost is that sometimes it has to be spread across three or more pages and you've got the hassle of turning the pages. Or learning it. Or something.

It has suggested 'registrations', 10 of them, for what instrument you might choose on you keyboards.
And notes a rythm for each song.

But such books are pretty common. What makes this good is the selection of tunes. I find it very satisfying, very pleasing. I can make a start almost anywhere and be drawn irresistably on...

It is a very large format (230mm x 300mm) softback book pages printed on strong thick paper and beautifully bound so's it will open flat without breaking the spine.

Absolutely a necessity with a music book. Opens flat on your music stand no trouble.

I reckon it is great.

Hal Leonard. It seems to be from some 'EZ Play Today' series or something.

I recommend it. :)

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