Life Ascending

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Life Ascending

Postby abrogard » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:53 am

Life Ascending
'The Ten Great Inventions of Evolution'

Nick Lane
W.W.Norton and Co. 2009

Another brilliant book by Nick Lane. Here he isolates ten things that he thinks have had a major role in the evolution of mankind, the evolution of life culminating (so far) in mankind.

The 10 chapters are:

The Origin
The Complex Cell
Hot Blood

and what he says is surprising sometimes, always informative, clever, challenging even. You just can't live without having these concepts in your mind.

Needs, deserves, more attention before it can be said to have been reviewed. I think. But I really am no reviewer - I ought to stop pretending I'm writing reviews, I'm not, I'm writing my thoughts at the time, I don't have the discipline, the training, the attitude to be a reviewer really. Ah well..

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