Freedom Betrayed

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Freedom Betrayed

Postby abrogard » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:44 am

Freedom Betrayed
Herbert Hoover
Edited and intro by George H Nash
Hoover Institution Press 2011

A terrific book. For the look into the world of the powerful that direct the course of the world.

Be great enough for that alone but to be well written, too, and well organised makes it really great.

A reference work it details the 'march of conferences' it calls them - the major conferences between the major nations that directed what happened during and after WWII. We get to see just how our fates are directed by these people. we get to see just how pointless our lives and deaths are, even in wartime, in fact especially in wartime.

There's a first chapter: A Great Intellectual and Moral Plague Comes to Free Men which is worth accepting and keeping as a book in itself.

and then it goes on with more of the same, more such great chapters. It is tour de force.

I need it as a reference work and I need to get back to it and write more review of it.

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