A History Of The World Since 9/11

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A History Of The World Since 9/11

Postby abrogard » Sun Jun 14, 2015 8:50 am

By Dominic Streatfeild (yes, with the i after the e )
2011 Atlantic Books Great Britain
ISBN 9 781 84354 766 2
308 pp.
One of those soft, thick paperbacks with soft, matt paper. Pleasant. Opens flat except at beginning and end.

This is an excellent book.

It gives 8 examples of how 9/11 effected the people and nations of the world and in the doing of it reveals much that will surprise and shock - as is getting to be usual nowadays. It seems no matter in which direction we turn there's corruption and greed and stupidity are paramount, that we discover they are the forces that have been directing events beneath the surface.

The chapter on refugees - chapter 2, 'For Those Who Come Across The Seas' - reveals stupidity, vicious treatment of the innocent, parliamentary lying, deception of the public - and so on - the whole filthy story, right here in Australia.

Makes an Australian ashamed to read it.

But it doesn't get better after that. It gets worse. This man has uncovered much that we'd rather not see, rather not know, but we must, of course, see it and know of it, else it will come and get us, too. In fact it might anyway.

It is necessary to read this book. Sad though it is.

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