The Fifth Miracle

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The Fifth Miracle

Postby abrogard » Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:35 am

The Fifth Miracle by Paul Davies
Penguin Books 1998

Small paperback - pocket book size - won't lay open, slim gutter.

I found this quite disappointing. The 'fifth miracle' is life itself.

Sure enough he talks about life - about bacteria mainly - but he doesn't explain how life was created.

Which is what I wanted him to do because the book Óxygen'l by Dick Lane ed me to believe that's what he'd do. Dick said his book 'Oxygen' wasn't up to explaining the origins of life so read other people: Paul Davies amongst them.

But the book 'Oxygen' gives a better description. A sort of nuts and bolts construction outline. This book glosses right over that. Just saying that it is most unlikely, I think, if I've got it right.

Spends much time talking about the chances of microbes surviving in deep space and chances of life on Mars and such.

It is a good book. Says much of interest but I don't believe it reveals things in the way that Dick Lane's book does.

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