God Is Not A Woman

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God Is Not A Woman

Postby dch » Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:10 am

This book doesn't say 'God is/was A Woman'.

It says there was a time when the Supreme Deity was seen as a Woman, with three aspects.

But that is myth and legend.

Already a long distance away from early mankind's appreciation of the reality that is God.

They arrive at a time of knowing, praying to, being disciples of, this Supreme Female Deity after a long process of storytelling and myth making and legend spinning etc.

Already mankind (in that part of the world at least) are in thrall to the hoodwinking gurus, priests, shamans, soothsayers, fortune tellers - kings and queens claiming Divine knowledge, rights, attributes.

Already mankind is being led astray. Already being hoodwinked.

The reality of God remained - of course, how could it be otherwise? - while humanity went off on this long meandering complicated wild goose chase of formal religion.

The book points this out. Charts much of the course.

Is all.

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