It Show How Stupid We've Always Been

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It Show How Stupid We've Always Been

Postby dch » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:57 am

This book clearly demonstrates how stupid we, the people, have always been.

Allowing ourselves to be 'led' by self-styled experts, prophets, seers, gurus and whatever...

Apparently - and doesn't it make such excellent sense - it all began when we were very primitive indeed.

We saw the world, experienced the world, lived in awe of the world.

Lived in awe and some fear and trembling.

For what if the world visited some disaster upon us? What if fire or flood came - very self-evident disasters.

What if the crops failed? What if the summer failed to come? What if the hunt failed to find prey?

With the first glimmerings of hope, of planning, of forecasting, of careful design to order our lives came the first doubts, fears, insecurities.

So we began to cast about for ways to petition the world, our reality, in order to guarantee success in our endeavors.

And that opened the door for the charlatans.

For they jumped up and said - or perhaps grunted in proto human communication - that they knew what we should do.

And they began to direct our efforts to guarantee our futures.

Thereby guaranteeing for themselves positions of privilege and power, wealth and comfort.

And this books shows how we've followed them meekly through millenia.
And still do. More fool us.

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