This Book Reveals God

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This Book Reveals God

Post by dch » Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:17 am

Some say that this book with its tracing of myths back to proto-human elementary reactions to the mystery of life and the world destroys God, makes God merely a myth, a legend, a nonsense.

This is to misunderstand.

The book actually puts us back in touch with God for the first time in millenia.

The book points clearly to the time when proto humans faced their reality and it was all they knew.

Their reality was their God.

As our reality is our God.

God is what is.

God is not what some man or men say is.

God can neither be created nor destroyed.

What the book does is chart the intricate immense growth of ludicrous myth and legend purporting to be about god and demonstrates it all to be just that: myth and legend purporting but not really being at all.

And in doing that the book destroys the credibility of all those myths and legends and their adherents, exponents, disciples, priests and prophets.

But it doesn't destroy God.

How could it? How could anything?

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Re: This Book Reveals God

Post by bullockornis » Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:00 am

Well why not? What would God care?

I put it to you that neither you nor anyone else knows what God wants or doesn't want.

You only know what men say God wants or doesn't want. But I don't believe such men. Why should I?

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