This Book Is The Greatest.

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This Book Is The Greatest.

Post by dch » Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:01 am

Here's a book that I reckon would have the potential to reorganise the whole world.

The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. by Barbara G Walker.

Available in Murray Bridge Public Library.

Should be compulsory reading for everyone.

Copies should lie on public display everywhere. It tells the underlying truths of our civilization. It tells our history. It tells our dreams and nightmares. It tells it all.

It puts you in the picture. It reveals all.....

This is the book. The Book.

Edit update 10/10/2016. No longer available in Murray Bridge Library. They withdrew it from circulation apparently on the grounds the copy was in too poor condition and they gave it away - sold it at those knockdown price sales they - books sold by weight.

Protests and requests brought the response that they'd check if there was a newer edition available. Nothing ever happened.

This is a clear demonstration of the situation today. A situation that makes books like this even more valuable.

The library sees its purpose as 'reflect the tastes of the people'. Without specifying who decides that and without consideration of the validity of it.

In practice it is apparently adopted as a policy willy-nilly and the tastes are decided by watching what is mainly borrowed from the selection available. The logical nonsense is already apparent.

What is mainly borrowed is manga comic and love stories, followed by detective stories I imagine.

Hence the library is no longer a reservoir of learning and value but is instead a channel for the lowering of standard and restriction of knowledge, the dumbing down of the populace.

Hence books of merit are in danger and, as evidenced here, can disappear without trace or mention. Will, in fact, be earmarked for culling simply by being of merit and not the common fare. Hence such books need to identified and preserved.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance someone said. Here is an example of that state of affairs. Without vigilance those we naively believe to be protecting our heritage and pursuing on our behalf elevated and praiseworthy goals become nothing more than vapid purveyors of dross.

The book is not available anywhere within the South Australian library system. The library authorities are aware of this fact and apparently are unconcerned by it.

I say again, a book that ranks alongside Fraser's Golden Bough for scholarship and significance.

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