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An SBS movie, one of their SOS series from December last year.

Or hardly a movie - 10 minutes - what's that? A vignette? A 'short short' ? A 'clip' ?

They're apparently often made as demonstrations of a Director's ability apparently.

I don't know about this one.

Only that it is very good.

It pitchforks you immediately into a sort of languid scene but somehow keeps a sense of urgency... but I better not say more. I think pace is perhaps a major feature of this thing.

It sort of left me reflecting on it and then rushed up and hit me... sort of thing...

How you would get to see it I don't know. There should be a mechanism, shouldn't there? I don't imagine all the producers and directors of all these little tv shorts want their productions to disappear totally from public view, but they do, in the natural way of things.

Perhaps communicating with SBS would elicit some information as to where to get a copy... What a hassle..

All I know is it was put on by SBS as part of an 'SOS' series - which has something to do with 'video on demand' I think.. but I couldn't find this on their website to demand it again (and tell you how to do it) so perhaps it is like the ABC iview and only lasts a certain while.

I can offer these facts: Name: Bye-Bye
Directed by: Edouard Deluc
produced by: Guillaume de Bary, Bruno Levy and Candice Zaccagnino

Canal+ creation originale

French with English subtitles.

This a later edit:

I can offer a little more: has quite a lot of details but the only option to view the film seems to require joining 'Unifrance' which requires having Film Industry credentials and payment of some dollars.

Seems a bit silly. Surely they'd want everyone/anyone to view their little films.... but I can't find how...

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